Intan Purwandani, a family oriented woman who was born in Cilacap (The Southern City in Central Java, Indonesia), 24 years ago. After graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada as a Bachelor of Tourism with magnacumlaude in Mei 2015 , she continues her study in the field of Leisure, Tourism, and Environment at the WUR, NL.

Since she has been grown up as the first child, she radically loves leadership and related issues. During her years of undergraduate study, she was joined an International Student Exchange Association and was positioned as Marketing Communication in the first year and Promotion Manager of Outgoing Exchange. She had travelled to several countries within Europe and Asia with regard to leadership, media and tourism presentation in a number forum. She also had experienced in social activities such as educating regulary street childern across Yogyakarta Province, joining health campaign in cigarette movement, teaching recitation for childern and related Islamic activites and volunteering as an assistant of operational and development in a tourism village in Banyumas, Central Java. In 2013, she was appointed as an outstanding student in UGM represented Faculty of Cultural Science.

Currently, she is enthusiastically focusing on Halal tourism issue; global Muslim mobility; religious pilgrimage and the related topic.  For any inquiries and discussions, kindly contact her through It will be her honor of having you as a friend of her 🙂